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You know that feeling when you are listening to your favorite jazz pianist and asking yourself: “What the hell is this guy playing there?” From now on you won’t ask anymore, because you just arrived at the place, where you’ll find the finest choice of hand-picked jazz piano solos transcribed note by note including left-hand comping*. Most of the time you find it hard to hear exact voicings. On this occasion, I am working on the harmonic movement’s handbook inspired by my favorite pianists like Barry Harris, Kenny Barron, Bill Evans, Herbie Hancock, and others. So stay tuned and subscribe to my mailing list!

Practice with the Living Notation

Every transcription on the site comes with the link to SoundSlice, where you can watch living notation and play along with it, slow down/speed up/loop it, etc. Let’s have a look at the example down below. You can buy the full version of the transcription from this example by clicking here.

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